Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ex-Viva Hot Babe joins cast of 'Rent'

by Boy Villasanta,
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MANILA, Philippines - It was singer-actor Gian Magdangal who prodded live-in partner Sheree, an erstwhile Viva Hot Babes member, to try and audition in 9 Works Theatrical’s third edition of Broadway hit “Rent.”

“The first time I auditioned, I failed, would you believe?” revealed Sheree at the lobby of Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium at RCBC on Ayala Avenue recently.

“Kasi, may sore throat ako no’n. But the second time I auditioned, I passed it,” she added.

“I am really excited in theater. This is another venue and I am doubly excited dahil kasama ko si Gian,” 

Sheree, who done theater production in school, said.
The former Viva Hot Babe is also ready to shed her sexy image. “Although I am not conscious about my image and I don’t care about it but I have to prove something in my career.”

She is now under the care of a new talent manager, Arnold Vegafria. According to Sheree, Vegafria is now working on her inclusion in a soap opera.

As Mimi
Sheree alternates with singer-actress Ciarra Sotto in “Rent” as Mimi, the drug dependent girlfriend of Roger (Magdangal).

During the press preview, it was Sotto who tackled the main female lead in the musicale, which has lent enlightening and dramatic insights into the characters of multiracial occupants of an apartment building in a New York district.

Surprisingly, Ciarra did a wonderful, judicious and emphatic performance not only because of her acrobatic moves but her illuminating rendition of a drug addict passionately in love with the artist Roger as well.

Sotto was very confident about her breathing life to her persona as she reacted and introspected with her fellow actors portraying varied roles.
It was an unforgettable journey in Ciarra’s acting career so she said during the press call that she would want to concentrate on live performances particularly theater.

Magdangal was also perfect as Roger.
This year’s version of the Broadway hit is quite impressive with all the elements (from lights, sound, stage design, acting, music etc) jibing to create a consistently cohesive whole.

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