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ROCK OF AGES: Tickets Now Available!

JULY 27, 2013 / SATURDAY / 8 PM / RCBC
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This 2013, Atlantis Productions is bringing back “Rock of Ages,” the acclaimed five-time Tony Award nominated Broadway musical. This is a hilarious, feel-good love story told thru such ’80s hits like “I Want To Know What Love Is,” “Don’t Stop Believin’,” “We Built This City,” “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” and “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.”

With a book by Chris D' Arienzo, built around classic rock hits from the 1980's, especially from the famous glam metal bands of the decade. The musical features songs from Styx, Journey, Bon Jovi, Pat Benatar, Twisted Sister, Steve Perry, Poison and Asia, among other well-known rock bands.   


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Catch it on its closing weekend run!
JULY 27, 2013 / SATURDAY / 8PM /RCBC
Ticket Prices: 2000, 1750, 1500, 900 and 700
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One of the most celebrated Filipino films that has ever graced the Philippine Cinema has been transformed into the most heart-warming musicals ever written, HIMALA (Panibagong Pagtingin sa Mukha ni Elsa) now celebrates its 10th anniversary celebration,and is now reinvented into a musical concert - Himala, A Celebration of the Musical.


Production Details:
  • Production Company: Touchworkx Group, Inc. & PETA Theater Center
  • Direction: Soxie Topacio
  • Playwright and Lyricist: Ricky Lee
  • Composer, Lyricist and Musical Director: Vincent de Jesus
  • Production Design: Gino Gonzales
  • Choreography: Carlon Matobato and Jay Cruz
  • Piano Arrangement and Asst. Musical Director: Jed Balsamo
  • Cast: May Bayot-de Castro, Isay Alvarez-Seña, Cynthia Culig-Guico, OJ Mariano, Mia Bolaños, Kalila Aguilos, Myke Salomon, Lionel Guico, Melvin Lee and Dulce. Together with Angeli Bayani, Bong Cabrera, Joann Co, Mayen Estañero, Neomi Gonzales, Carlon Matobato, Red Nuestro, Onyl Torres, Kenjie Villacorte and John Kenneth Cuare. Featuring Viva Voce and UST Singers Alumni.

Plot: In the remote village of Barrio Cupang, a young girl named Elsa claims that the Virgin Mary has spoken to her during a solar eclipse. She reveals her vision and starts healing people. Soon, Elsa becomes a national figure. Hundreds of pilgrims and curiosity seekers invade her village and forces townsfolk to examine their own beliefs. 

HIMALA is a story of faith, of truth and delusion, and of man’s endless quest to find something, and someone, to believe in.

  • Best Characters: Elsa, Nimia and Chayong
  • Best Scene: The ‘Ang Himala ay Nasa Puso’ number would probably the most iconic scene ever written, both in the movie and stage version of Himala.
  • Best Actor: Dulce is marvelous in playing Aling Saling, mother of Elsa. She hits those critical notes perfectly and really draws the audience into her when she’s on stage. She’s not dubbed the ‘Asia’s Diva’ for nothing. Also, fresh from KATY!, Isay Alvarez-Seña is outstanding as she usually is. She plays Nimia, one of Elsa’s best friends who lost track on her faith. She definitely gives everything she’s got to offer in her performance as the strong-willed Nimia, especially in the ‘Ako Ang Tunay Na Birhen’ number. It’s like seeing her Gigi performance again!
  • Notable Performances: Maybe May Bayot wasn’t in her A-game during the performance so the others stood out instead of her Elsa. But, as to what we’ve heard, the succeeding shows during the opening week, May was phenomenal! Now that’s the 2004 Aliw Award Best Actress in a Musical Role giving her tour de force portrayal of Elsa. Note: Don’t forget to pull out your Kleenex when Elsa sings Magpakita Kang Muli!
  • OJ Mariano (Orly) is currently going places and we’ll be definitely seeing him more often than not. OJ is the real deal when it comes to casting lead actors for a musical. He plays Orly, the young filmmaker who captures the miraculous Elsa through his camera’s lens. And we would want to see more Cynthia Culig-Guico’s (Chayong) heartfelt performances in the Philippine theater scene.
  • Direction: The show is intended to be in concert style. Yes, we know you guys are thinking more like Les Miz 25th-ish kind. We’re sorry to disappoint you guys but no - because you’re seeing more than just a concert! Soxie Topacios’ vision on this anniversary concert is like seeing the actual show itself! We’re guessing that this would not be called a concert if it weren’t for the uber-talented singers of Viva Voce and UST Singers Alumni singing along with the whole company.
  • Set/Lights: The production design is very minimal but it really works. The lithe chiffon, a thin tree branch and few tumbleweeds, along with the intimate lighting gave the production a more eerie, sincere vibe, rather than being extravagant and being concert-ish.
  • Music, Lyrics and Book: Vincent de Jesus is a genius! His music sends out very genuine melodies, along with Ricky Lee’s lyrics and his own. The music is overwhelming to the ears and the lyrics punches you right at the heart! On the other hand, Ricky Lee’s brilliant book conveys a different Himala. No, we’re not watching the critically-acclaimed movie set on a stage all over again. We’re seeing a different perspective folks - yes, some of the most memorable scenes from the flick are still there but the musical now raises the questions: What happens when people are faced with the miracle that they’ve long been searching for? How do they react? What do they believe in? 
  • Why You Should Watch It: This musical event may not happen again - ever. Everyone should definitely catch HIMALA, A Celebration of the Musical. Be moved by the music, be inspired by the book and be amazed by the performances. This is more than just a concert, we tell you.

  • Watch HIMALA (A Celebration of the Musical)
     on its closing night MARCH 24, 2013 | SUN |  8PM @ PETA    
    Ticket Prices: 2000 (VIP Orchestra), 1000 (VIP) and 650 (Balcony)   
    For reservations, contact: Onay Sales (0917.908.0565) 
    RC Marzan (0922.888.5348)  

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‘Himala: The Musical’ opens 10th anniversary run at PETA Theater Center

By Edwin P. Sallan, 
Original Article can be found HERE

Isay Alvarez, May Bayot, and Cynthia Culig-Guico are back to reprise their roles in the original production.

While he never envisioned “Himala” to be a musical when he first wrote the film, Ricky Lee was still more than happy to be actively involved in the staging of a musical version of what is considered by many as the greatest of his greatest hits.

“I admit, naiinggit ako noon kina Joey Reyes who could write lyrics and librettos for several theater musical productions so when I was given a chance to write the lyrics for this musical 10 years ago, I jumped at the chance right away,” Lee told InterAksyon during the gala night of “Himala: The 10th Anniversary of the Musical” at the PETA Theater Center in Quezon City.

Originally entitled “Walang Himala” when it was first staged in 2003 by the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ resident drama company, Tanghalang Pilipino, Lee wrote the libretto himself and collaborated with noted theater composer Vincent De Jesus and co-wrote the music. It was the closest attempt of the award-winning screenwriter to be a composer.

Both Lee and De Jesus must have done a pretty good job at it, too. “Himala: The Musical” originally played at the CCP Little Theater in 2003 but eventually found its way at the CCP Main Theater where it was re-staged the following year. The production even “traveled” as far as Shanghai, China as the Philippine representative to the Shanghai International Theater Festival in 2008.

Along the way, there were some minor changes made here and there. Younger audiences who have seen the digitally restored version that was released in theaters late last year should notice some glaring differences with the not-so-faithful-to-the-original approach of the musical adaptation.

What didn’t change that much is that most of the original cast and crew members are still very much involved in the 10th anniversary production, including stage director Soxie Topacio, costume designer Gino Gonzales and performers Isay Alvarez (Nimia), Cynthia Culig-Guico (Chayong), Dulce (Nanay Saling) and Aliw Awardee for Best Actress in a Musical May Bayot (Elsa) once again reprising their respective roles.

Also in the current cast are OJ Mariano, Kalila Aguilos, Jon Joven, Mia Bolaños, Myke Salomon, Lionel Guico, Melvin Lee, Angeli Bayani, Bong Cabrera, Joann Co, Mayen Estañero, Neomi Gonzales, Carlon Matobato, Red Nuestro, Onyl Torres, Viva Voce and the UST Singers Alumni. Jed Balsamo provides the live piano accompaniment.

The current version of “Himala” plays more like an intimate concert than a theater musical, as earlier hinted by its drumbeaters. With minimal choreography and more emphasis placed on the songs, less is indeed more in this particular version.

And the opening night crowd absolutely loved it. The musical played to a standing ovation during its gala night with notable personalities like National Artist Bienvenido Lumbrera, actresses Cherie Gil and Mylene Dizon and singer-songwriter Noel Cabangon as among the audience members who gave the cast a standing ovation after the play’s conclusion.

Watch HIMALA (A Celebration of the Musical)
 on its closing night MARCH 24, 2013 | SUN |  8PM @ PETA    
Ticket Prices: 2000 (VIP Orchestra), 1000 (VIP) and 650 (Balcony)   
For reservations, contact: Onay Sales (0917.908.0565) 
RC Marzan (0922.888.5348)  
Post from Mr Vincent De Jesus' FB Page

Still reeling from watching Himala. Gorgeous music by Vincent A. DeJesus, brilliant staging by Soxy Topacio and a powerhouse cast led by the amazing May Bayot, Isay Alvarez Seña, and Dulce! Congrats guys for a fantastic job. Don't miss this musical. Runs this weekend until next weekend at Peta!

Well-deserved standing ovation for Himala, The Musical.
Stripped to its essence, a magnificent, vital work. 


CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WHOLE CAST and PRODUCTION of PETA's HIMALA!!!  Truly moving and impressive, make sure not to miss their remaining performances.

Himala. Better not miss it! Im serious. Congratulations to everyone involved with the show. WOW!!

Pramis guys, manood kayo ng Himala. Pramis. 


The high level of Filipino musical and dramatic talent is showcased in PETA's "Himala: A 10th Anniversary Celebration"! Congratulations once again, Sir Vincent!"

Wow. A classic. Brilliantly executed, gorgeously sung/acted... I could go on and on. I was so glad to be in the audience tonight. What an EXPERIENCE! Hagulgol to the max ako. Truly deserving of its standing ovation tonight... Congratulations to everyone involved. And to Vincent DeJesus, genius. Do not miss this! Running for two weekends at the PETA Theatre.

Shaken to the core by Himala, the 10th Anniversary Concert. So proud of this Original Filipino Musical and everyone involved. BRAVO!!!

What a show! I am so happy and honored to have witnessed a musical such as Himala. Please do not miss this show! Two weekends only!

No extravagant set. No expensive costumes. But a good material, wonderful music and excellent actors made HIMALA soar. Tagos sa puso, sagad sa kaluluwa!

Haunting and captivating at the same time. A classic tale on religious fanaticism. Until March 24 at Peta Theater. Congrats Vincent A. DeJesus, Ricky Lee Jed Balsamo and the rest!

Once again, being immersed in Sir Vincent A. DeJesus' music -- makes me fall in love with the Filipino language, and love more deeply my being a Filipino. Ang bawat tao ay pugad ng himala. Congratulations to everyone involved in Himala! Thank you for stirring my heart.

HIMALA - THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION OF THE MUSICAL" was a truly moving experience. Congratulations to the entire team!! Do not miss this, folks! - JENNY JAMORA

Himala" The Musical was AMAZING!!! Such a moving, powerful piece of theater! Congratulations to the incredibly talented cast! Congratulations to the crew, the (lone musician) pianist, PETA and to TAG for a great sponsored night! Special congratulations to Vincent A. DeJesus! Naiyak ako sa kagandahan ng komposisyon mo! :)

HIMALA the Musical opening night was a SUCCESS!!! A must-see guys!!! Great music of my tukayo Vincent A. DeJesus! Congrats tuks and to the rest of the cast and crew!

Congratulations to the HIMALA cast, crew and production! It was a truly wonderful night and a great success!! =)

Watch Himala!!! Music by THE Vince de Jesus!!! Super beautiful. It is a work of art! Congratulations! I love it!

Congrats to the cast, crew and creative team of an ORIGINAL Filipino musical "Himala"! ang husay! ang sarap panuorin ng talentong pinoy! Bravo TAG and all who made the preview sponsored show possible! ang galing nyo!

Watch HIMALA (A Celebration of the Musical)   

on its closing night MARCH 24, 2013 | SUN |  8PM @ PETA  

Ticket Prices: 2000 (VIP Orchestra), 1000 (VIP) and 650 (Balcony)  
For reservations, contact: Onay Sales (0917.908.0565) RC Marzan (0922.888.5348)  email:

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Watch HIMALA (A Celebration of the Musical)    
on its closing night MARCH 24, 2013 | SUN |  8PM @ PETA   
Ticket Prices: 2000 (VIP Orchestra), 1000 (VIP) and 650 (Balcony)  

For reservations, contact: Onay Sales (0917.908.0565)
RC Marzan (0922.888.5348) 
The Set of HIMALA
The 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Musical 

HIMALA – A Celebration of the Musical, explores man’s never-ending quest for something and someone to believe in.

This March, listen, learn and be moved as May Bayot, Isay Alvarez and Cynthia Culig-Guico bring to life Elsa’s story through the music composed by Vincent de Jesus.

Watch HIMALA (A Celebration of the Musical)   
on its closing night MARCH 24, 2013 | SUN |  8PM @ PETA  
Ticket Prices: 2000 (VIP Orchestra), 1000 (VIP) and 650 (Balcony)  

For reservations, contact: Onay Sales (0917.908.0565)
RC Marzan (0922.888.5348) 

"The most realized contemporary Filipino musical ever done. 
One of the best Filipino films ever made has become one of the best Filipino musicals ever made."
-Tomas Del Rio, Business World

"Some recent and successful musicals…used technical gimmicks that gave verve to their work. Himala does not need this. With exciting and innovative music composed by Vincent A. DeJesus… Himala: A great Filipino Effort!"
- National Artist for Literature F. Sionil Jose

"Raw and powerful!" 
- Rina Jimenez-David

Watch HIMALA (A Celebration of the Musical)   
on its closing night MARCH 24, 2013 | SUN |  8PM @ PETA  
Ticket Prices: 2000 (VIP Orchestra), 1000 (VIP) and 650 (Balcony) 
For reservations, contact: Onay Sales (0917.908.0565)
RC Marzan (0922.888.5348)

Himala’s 10th anniversary concert at The PETA Theater Center

“Himala — A Celebration of the Musical” features Mae Bayot-De Castro as Elsa, Isay Alvarez-Seña as Nimia and Cynthia Culig-Guico as Chayong.

MANILA, Philippines - Touchworx Group Inc. and Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) celebrate the 10th anniversary of one of the country’s most iconic Filipino musicals with Vincent De Jesus and Ricky Lee’s “Himala  A Celebration of the Musical,” a concert featuring the well-loved songs from the musical Himala, Ang Bagong Pagtingin sa Mukha ni Elsa. The concert, to be staged at the PETA Theater Center on March 15,16, 17, 22, 23 and 24, is directed by seasoned PETA director Soxie Topacio who also directed the musical 10 years ago. 

Himala, Ang Bagong Pagtingin sa Mukha ni Elsa explores man’s never ending quest for something and someone to believe in.  It takes a whole new spin on defying old boundaries in a genre-bending musical meets contemporary dance and dares us to look into the face of legendary heroine Elsa in a new light. 
The concert features the songs from the musical, such as Walang Himala and Gawin Mo Akong Sining both sung by Mae Bayot-De Castro as Elsa, Kami ang Tunay na Birhen by Isay Alvarez-Seña as Nimia, Magpakita Kang Muli by Cynthia Culig-Guico as Chayong. 

This rare celebration of a well-loved Filipino musical features the stirring voices of Isay Alvarez, Cynthia Culig-Guico, Dulce, Kalila Aguilos, Jon Joven, Mia Bolaños, Myke Salomon, Lionel Guico, Melvin Lee, and May Bayot-De Castro as Elsa. It also showcases the talents of theater stalwarts Angeli Bayani, Bong Cabrera, Joann Co, Mayen Estañero, Neomi Gonzales, Carlon Matobato, Red Nuestro and Onyl Torres as the voices of Barrio Cupang, with live piano arrangement is by Jed Balsamo.

Watch HIMALA (A Celebration of the Musical)  on MARCH 24, 2013 (SUNDAY),  8PM at the PETA PHINMA Theater  Ticket Prices: 2000 (VIP Orchestra), 1000 (VIP) and 650 (Balcony) 
For reservations, contact: Onay Sales (0917.908.0565)
RC Marzan (0922.888.5348)