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Ciara returns to theater via 'Rent'

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MANILA, Philippines - Singer-actress Ciara Sotto’s latest role is a far cry from the social worker Monina of “Magsimula Ka!” last year.

This time, Ciara plays the sultry and AIDS-stricken bohemian Mimi Marquez in the local re-staging of the Broadway hit “Rent.” 

“It's wild, sexy, and rebellious, so it's a big challenge for me,” the actress told PEP. Ciara will be alternating with sexy actress Sheree Bautista.

Jonathan Larson’s “Rent” is an award-winning musical that had its run on Broadway from 1996 to 2008. It tackled taboo issues such as HIV-AIDS, sex, drug addiction, and LGBT.

Ciara is popularly known as a good singer, actress and, just recently, pole dancer. But can she be all these at the same time?

"Singing while pole dancing and acting has always been a challenge, and I'm excited to do it for this show because I get to do everything I want all at the same time. What's difficult is having to feel and look sexy,” said she.

In preparation, Ciara researched online about the character because she hasn’t seen any of the “Rent” productions except for the 2005 film adaptation. She also consulted other actresses who played Mimi in earlier productions, including Bituin Escalante who assumed the role in a 1999 production.

“It's a blessing that I got to talk to Bituin Escalante. She taught me the blocking, the dance moves, things like those. But in the end, you have to put your own touch.

"She taught me that Mimi is a heavy character to play, not just a girl na pa-sexy at may AIDS, pero maraming pinagdaanan. Mimi is very sexy, but a little frail inside. She's a seductress,” Ciara shared.

She also credited her co-stars for giving her a helping hand.

Meanwhile, Ciara said that her husband Joe Oconer is very supportive of her theatrical endeavors. The couple celebrated their first anniversary last Jan. 17.

“He watched me in 'Magsimula Ka!' He's very understanding and has no problems with me doing musicals, even if it would entail a lot of commitment and time apart,” said she.

The budding thespian also revealed that she and Joe are “not in a rush to have kids” and that she wants to concentrate in doing more plays aside from her TV appearances.

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