Wednesday, December 19, 2012

D Wonder Twins of Boac

Adapted from William Shakespeare’s 12th Night
MARCH 2, 2013 / SAT / 8PM / PETA
Ticket Prices: 800 and 600

 Director: Maribel Legarda
Writer: Rody Vera
Music: Jeff Hernandez

Contact Us:
Robert Ceazar Marzan  (0922.888.5348)
Jayme del Rosario (0927.202.2017)
or Onay Sales (0917.908.0565)


            Adapted from William Shakespeare’s 12th Night, Ang Kambal centers on mistaken identity. It is 1967, Viola and Bastian are the Wonder Twins of Boac, Marinduque. They sing! They dance! And they want to be in showbiz! So they pack up and head for Manila where the big film studios keep on searching to discover the latest star! But the hapless siblings are shipwrecked and Viola loses contact with her brother Bastian and believes him to be dead.

            Viola ends ep begging, disguised as a blind cripple selling sampaguita in Malate. But her new-found friend Juvy keeps on convincing her to audition, this time for Doc Orsino’s big-time studio Campanilla Pictures. Viola feels that her “magic” faded since she lost her borther and has little hope getting chosen. But this time, since Campanilla is looking for a male Elvis look-and-sound-alike, she decides to audition in male disguise to keep the spirit of her brother inside her.

            Doc Orsino sees Viola, disguised as Cesar, and offers her a job to be his Boy Friday. As his assistant, he sends her as an intermediary to his love-proposals to Olivia Nepomuceno, the last living owner of BLV Studios in the hope of striking a wedding and a merger of the two biggest film studios of the era.

            However things get complicated when Olivia Nepomuceno falls for Viola/Cesar while Viola is getting attracted to her boss Doc Orsino. Doc Orsino, in turn feels strange as he couldn’t explain his weird attraction to his own Boy Friday.

            At the climax of this romping comedy of errors, Luciano, the director of all time shallow but big-hit pop movies offers a solution to the rapid decline of film studios and movie-making in the late sixties. With Viola and Bastian now on the brink of obsolescence without even reaching stardom yet, he ushers in the era of Bomba!

            All is well that ends well. Or does it?      

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